"Will inspire for food" shirt unisex, black/white

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"Will inspire for food" shirt unisex, black/white text

This was a small art-project by me!

The result is a small edition of 80 t-shirts, hand-printed by Jonny Mitchel at his Dog Day Screen Print Studio http://www.dogdayprint.com/

They will never be reprinted, so they'll become a collectible soon! 😉

There's also a video showing how they were printed: http://vimeo.com

All the prints are a bit different, because they are hand-made, you can see some of the unevennesses on the photos in the gallery.

Printed with skin-fiendly paint (no plastisol!) with no ammoniac, no benzine, no PAHs.

Machine wash up to 40°C.

No bleaching please!


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