The Cat Story

Fedor was a really big (13 kg) white angora cat, who was always with me for 14 years. He appeared on most of my illustrations, and took part in everything i did. He is on the logo of my Russian shop Belolapik (which also means “White Paw” in Russian) and my favorite Muse forever. He was by me when I was working, when I was sick, and when I was crying. I loved him so very much. Fedor died on june 7, 2013. When I published posts about his death, thousands of readers were crying after him, – after a cat they never met live! They felt like knowing him for ages, because I was blogging about him almost every day for 14 years, with so much love.

I will always remember him and he will stay my muse and still appear in my pictures. He’s away, but the millions of nice memories will stay with me.

After crying for almost 2 months I (suddenly) fell in love with two Maine-Coon ladies and they moved in quickly. This wasn’t planned, it just happened.
To answer the most asked question: “No! They will never ever replace Fedor. His story Is a different one. But the new two cats will write their own story. At the moment they are destroying my home all day long. 🙂 Let me see what’s coming.