Postcards: you never get enough!

Postcards are like clothes: you stand in front of a full cupboard and never have anything to wear. And no matter how many clothes you have: at this moment you need one that is missing! I love postcards and have a huge collection of them. They are not only great for sending greetings. You can also use them as decoration, stick them into a photo album or baby album or make wall pictures for children out of them.
And it’s the greatest pleasure to get a real greeting card made of paper out of your mailbox! Lately you only get bills anyway. 🙂 I’m always very happy about postcards from friends and readers. Pick them all up, and many of them hang on my board in the kitchen. That’s why every year I have “The big postcards writing”. I have a long list and everyone gets a particularly nice copy with a few nice words. We’ve already written postcards for 8 hours at the end of the year. 🙂 And how happy the employee at the post office is. (And the people in the queue…)

The last time I struck was at a book exhibition! Of course, there are lots of publishing houses, which produce postcards in bulk. You can find everything there: funny postcards, ironic cards, beautiful greeting cards with gold and glitter, really dark jokes. And of course tons of horrible kitsch! I’ve spent at least 2 hours just digging in various postcards. And the longer I dug around, the greater my desire to create my own greeting cards grew again. That’s how it is when you can draw yourself. These thoughts come again and again (and the results fill my shop). 🙂
One of them has a great idea, but it’s a stupid drawing. The other one is beautiful, but I don’t like the message at all. The third one would be perfect, if there weren’t this stupid bow. And so you resume again: “The ideal postcard is like the ideal man: Not yet born!)

Just when I was at the exhibition, my best friend had a baby. And I thought: “Great, now I’m getting a baby card for the birth.” But nothing there! After at least 100 pink unicorns I felt nothing than disappointment. They are all the same, everywhere the same sweet quotes from the Internet. Is it so hard to write some nice words? A new person is born! You could say so many beautiful things about it.
On the way back I found so many words and congratulations that I decided not to make a card, but a small Zine. In postcard format. It is packed exactly like a postcard, but on closer inspection it turns out to be a small booklet. A complete small gift.


Wilkommens-zine für ein neues Baby


After all the postcards I looked at the books, of course. As an illustrator and book author I want to be up to date about what is being published. And above all, I have looked through the self-help books very carefully. (Because I write some myself.) Oh, man! It’s always the same! Become a millionaire in one day! Solve all your problems in one week! Be healed of everything, from tomorrow you will be a new person! And all the books for women: “Make a list for yourself and find the ideal man”. 

That was the biggest inspiration for my latest postcard set. Bestsellers! Postcards in book shape. 🙂 I had so many ideas for a new “book of the year”. And somehow everything is already said with these book titles. After the exhibition I drew 20 such “book postcards” and they are already in my shop.

My next dream: to produce my own pop-up cards. There have been too many projects this year, but next year I definitely want to publish some. I already have enough ideas. I just have to think about how to produce them properly.

This year I also learned how to make slit animations out of paper. That would be a great idea for a card! If I only had 30 hours a day! 🙂

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