The “Dance Diary” e-book (A diary of possible transformations from poor foxes to queens)

Jana Frank’s new book

Format: PDF, 258 pages

250 color illustrations.

This is neither a diary nor a love story, although the book contains both. This – a book about the search for happiness, and about broken self-esteem. About the betrayal and the collapse of all hopes. About finding harmony with your own body, despite your age, illness and perceived lack of athleticism. And about the miraculous transformations possible for all.

“The Book’s Features:

This is a self-development book dedicated to finding your happiness and a healthy self-esteem. But it’s not just a collection of articles and clever thoughts on the topic. Throughout the book runs a multifaceted (fiction) story involving numerous characters whose dramatic adventures particularly illustrate all of the issues that are dealt with in the book. The chapters of the story are interspersed with Jana’s notes, in which she reflects on the psychological problems of the main characters, and her own experiences of coming out of such states.

The book is written in diary form, and all the material and stories are arranged in chronological order. The chapters of the book are the seasons. All pages have margins on the left, colored according to the current time of year. On some pages there are margins on the right, through which there is a separate funny story with a sequel. There are both funny and very tragic stories in the book. But they all, in the end, end well. The book is richly illustrated by the author. The layout is designed in the same style in which Jana designs her actual diaries.