Battle Inside Catalogue

This is the full catalogue of my “Battle Inside” collection from 2016.

The designs on the clothes include pictures made by me and other cancer patients during my workshops. I designed them, then the fabric was printed. Then everything was sewn together, and after this I applied lots of applications and  embroidery to each piece. 

For the plush toys I cut out the paper in the ogirinal size, they were painted. Then everything was printed on fabric and I made each toy by hand. Everyohe, who was myguest in this time, had to fill a toy. 🙂 Finally I made 28 of them. The toys are made of a special fabric which can be machine washed and the toys are allowed in hospital. Even for children who suffer from leukemia.

The pieces from this collection were given to cancer patients who is fighting now! I hope in this way we could share our optimism and fighting spirit with them!

Please read mor about my “Battle Inside” project (and see other stuff and videos) here: What is “Battle Inside”

For a closer look see the lookbook!

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