There will be power and there will be will

We’ve already learned the axiom: it’ll work if you want it bad enough! So, if it doesn’t work out, we just don’t want it enough? What if we do want, but don’t have enough energy? Where do we get more of  it, how not to lose it? Lack of strength and health is discouraging, mental problems take away our last power. How to get out of these closed circles?

This book describes the results of years of searching for real answers and practical recipes: how to finally come to this point when you want it,  get up and do it! And you can!

While working on the book I used research and articles from the field of neurobiology and my own experience with sensorimotor therapy and neurofeedback devices. All “mystical” health problems actually have physical causes, and you can learn to find them.

Published by Piter Publishing House. 

The book can be ordered in the Moscow store Belolapik.

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