Divination cards


In my Russian blog there is a section “Question and Answer”. Readers can send me their story (and question) and how it is published anonymously. I write my answer and then my readers write what they have to say.

In the last I have received about 10 000 mails for this section. I have read about 3000 of them and almost 1500 have already been published. Several readers wrote later how their story went on. Some have consulted in several different questions.

I analyzed the letters and at some point created a deck of cards based on the discussions in this section. The cards are suitable for “fortune-telling” and also for seblstreflexion. Through them the questioner gets the possibility to see his problem from new perspectives.

The deck consists of 80 cards, divided into 3 categories: Questions, answers and treasures. There is also a book with interpretations of all cards and instructions on various laying methods.

In October 2018 my second deck of cards was published: “Cards of intrepidity”.



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