What do cats believe about the house they live in?
a) They believe the house is a shared space between them and the humans.
b) They believe the whole house is theirs and everything in it is made for their use.
c) They believe that humans are the true owners of the house and they are just guests.

How do the cats view the humans in the house?
a) They view the humans as their equals.
b) They view the humans as their caretakers.
c) They view the humans as intruders in their space.

How do the cats behave towards the furniture and objects in the house?
a) They are respectful and only use designated items for their use.
b) They use everything in the house as if it were made for them, including the furniture and household objects.
c) They avoid using any household objects or furniture in fear of getting in trouble.

How do the humans in the house feel about the cats’ behavior?
a) They are frustrated with the cats’ behavior and wish the cats would respect their space.
b) They find the cats’ behavior endearing and enjoy catering to their every need.
c) They are indifferent to the cats’ behavior and don’t pay much attention to it.

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