The Muse and the Beast

A time-management system for creatives. Mostly creative workers deny time-management systems written for managers, the say they are too strong and kill the inspiration. This system  was created especially for them!

In each chapter we analyse one of the typical problems or maths about time-management and creativity, and at the end of it there is a small exercise. If you do them, you get the material for filling out the (very special) agenda and get a working plan for the next 3 months!

In Russia the book is now on the market in the seventh edition.

The book is in Russian, translation to English and German are in progress.

Publisher: Mann, Ivanov und Ferber

Hardcover, 272 pages.

ISBN 978-5-91657-612-2; 2013

You can see it on the publisher’s website (In Russian).

Here are the covers of the first and second edition and some pages: 






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