Wednesday Addams, oh what a delight, A little girl who loves to cause a fright. She’s got a grin that’s creepy and sly, And a penchant for making people cry.

She’ll scare you silly with a ghostly moan, Or sneak up on you when you’re alone. She’s always up to no good, that’s for sure, And her laughter is like a dark, haunting lure.

But don’t be fooled by her wicked ways, For Wednesday’s got a heart that’s full of praise. She may be mischievous, but she’s never mean, And her love for her family is always seen.

So if you ever see Wednesday on your street, Just smile and wave, don’t run from her feet. For though she may be a little bit bad, She’s still the coolest kid in town, it’s not just a fad.

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