How to draw? What to draw?

You can find complete descriprion of Dr. Simontons system in his book “Getting well again”. On this page I just share some rules I gathered in the last years working on this project:

– This practice is about depicting an ideal picture of your happyness and healthiness. When some is seriously ill and is going through hard therapies it’s hard to “meditate”. Because concentration is low and dark thoughts and fears disturb the flow. But drawing, painting and scrapbooking is possible. This is real work with real materials, and when we depict something we undergo it in our feelings. And it affects us. That’s why drawing our recovery can really help to recover.

– Any technique is good for your work. But you should prefer the ones that help you to get visible results quickly. Because a sick person has low power. And it’s impossible to concentrate on the work for a longer time. That’s why I’m a big fan of collages and scrapbooking! You can work with ready visual elements. And everyone can make pictures even if he can’t draw. Of course you can use any materials and tricks. Use what you are good in. And do what you like most.

– In this project “moaning in pictures” is forbidden! Maybe “processing a tragedy in pictures” could be useful in some way. But in this projeect we don’t do this. At Dr. Simonton’s opinion drawing and painting your fears and pain just makes them more real. And eespecially when we feel bad this could drag us into deepest darkest depression. Better use your fantasy and creativity to imagin good times, your health, happiness, victories and joy.

The only allowed way to think about death and fear is the ironical one. But be careful and don’t overdo. Try to stay on the “light side” – this is the safer way. Remember that the medicine in this project are optimism, hope and a good mood.

– Praise yourself! Encourgage yourself! Award yourself for avery small step! Swank with your success! Celebrate every emprovement as a big thing! Draw your strong points! Your courage, fighting spirit, patience, optimism! Don’t be shy! Here you are the hero! You are the winner – every day!

– Share your success! Send me your stories and pictures to

More about my “Battle Inside” project here: What is “Battle Inside”?

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